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Welcome to about me,

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am a retired machinist, after 12 years of work.

I know it is strange for a female to do this kind of work,
but I was and am determind to provide for myself and my daughter
a decent life style.
And I did that, ;)  but not without hurting myself (to much weight lifting)
I can't go back to that line of work.

I wanted to make a living at home on the internet.
Boooooy what a challenge this has been.

No one said it would be easy.

So this floral wreath business is what I decided I would work on.
Believe me I look high and low to find the best of the best flowers to offer here to you and others that would like to brighten up your surroundings, or bring cheer to a friend or loved one.

I offer lower prices then the growers, I don’t have that over head.
I also am able to give 100% customer care and satisfaction.
With prompt replies to any inquiries you may have.

Most wreaths ship out in 2 to 3 days of order, unless it is a special order.

I keep up to date on the new colors for the year and if possible I add these to my wreaths.

Linda’s Dried Flowers is a branch of our family owned and operated business, located on the Oregon Coast, we grow a wide variety of cut flowers and herbs, grown primarily for our own beautiful wreaths and swag creations. In addition we buy special forest products that have been responsibly harvested from the surrounding woodlands, resulting in wonderfully woodsy wreaths, swags and garlands with a fresh fragrance straight from the forest. In 2005 we became a certified organic wild harvest operation. In 2007 our farm ground was also certified organic. Please enjoy the bounty of our good earth.

If you are driving the scenic Highway 101, stop in at the retail shop at the farm and savor the sweet aroma of flowers, potpourri, herbs and spices. The shop is open Tuesday through Sundays 10: a.m. to 5: p.m. A small formal Herb Garden is open year around.

15447 Oceanview Drive
Brookings-Harbor, OR 97415
Linda A Walker of






After May 21,2007


This is my 1998 Volkswagen Jetta 3           

Wolfsburg Edition

I love my car.                  

Make that past tense, now my heart is broken.

It is just a memory now!


It was May 21, 2007 Monday at 4:30pm I was coming home on 201 west bound, it was raining hard. I had just got through with a traffic jam, when I went over an overpass and saw tail lights,


I started breaking right then and there, but is did no good, I tried to turn my car to the left to avoid the van in the road with the tail lights on, No response my car will not turn or stop, it was just like ice.


I headed straight on to the back of a Van, without being able to stop what so ever the air bag deployed and I could no longer see out the front window, my car was instantly filled with gas and smoke from the air bags, it was hard to breath, at the hospital I was told the air bags explode at 200 miles per hour that why small children should never sit in the front seat..


When I could see again I could see my car coming to a rest on the shoulder of the road, just like I had wanted it to do before. WOW it was raining so hard, I have been told my car was hydroplaning.

If not for seat belts and airbags I believe I would have gone through the windshield. As it is this is day two after the accident, my chest, neck and back are very soar, I hit my left ankle on the clutch, so it is bruised scraped and swollen my right arm has burns on it from the airbag.


Man o man the sinking feeling in your stomach when you know your dooming fait, I locked my hands in place on the steering wheel and hit this van at a speed I’m not clear of, I didn’t have time to look at my speedometer.





June 15,2007  Now I have a new car along with new payments.

It's a nice ride so far so good  :)

 Up Date it is now 7/25/2012 still driving same car. : )  

Up Date it is now 11/26/2012 still driving the same car but now its payed off and feels much better, same car 2015.

New Car


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