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Eucalyptus Wreaths

What about Eucalyptus Uses

The eucalyptus tree has proven beneficial to humans. The wood from the tree is used as lumber and pulp, and is the source of material for the Aborigine wind instrument, the digeridoo. Flowers from certain species produce a nectar used in making types of honey. The oil from the leaves is used in cold medicines, perfumes, and in the mining industry to float detritus away from ore.

There are a great number of Eucalyptus trees yielding essential oils, the foliage of some being more odorous than thatof others, and the oils from the various species differing widely in character. It necessarily follows that the term Eucalyptus oil is meaningless from a scientific point of view unless the species from which it is derived is stated.

The medicinal Eucalyptus Oil is probably the most powerful antiseptic of its class, especially when it is old, as ozone is formed in it on exposure to the air. It has decided disinfectant action, destroying the lower forms of life. Internally, it has the typical actions of a volatile oil in a marked degree.

Eucalyptus Oil is used as a stimulant and antiseptic gargle. Locally applied, it impairs sensibility.
It increases cardiac action.

An emulsion made by shaking up equal parts of the oil and powdered gum-arabic with water has been used as a urethral injection, and has also been given internally in drachm doses in pulmonary tuberculosis and other microbic diseases of the lungs and bronchitis.

In croup and spasmodic throat troubles, the oil may be freely applied externally.

In veterinary practice, Eucalyptus Oil is administered to horses in influenza, to dogs in distemper, to all animals in septicaemia. It is also used for parasitic skin infections.

Of the perfume-bearing oils, that of E. citriodora, the CITRON-SCENTED GUM, whose leaves emit a delightful lemon scent, contains up to 98 per cent of citronellol, used in perfumery, fetching four times as much as the medicinal oils.

Eucalyptus trees are ideal for hot, dry climates.

On a warm day, a blue haze rises up above the Australian bush from vaporized eucalyptus oils. The oil is highly flammable, and has been known to exacerbate and spread fires when ignited. Strangely, eucalyptus trees seem to flourish after a fire, and chemical changes triggered by the flames' heat cause new buds to shoot out of the trees.

Given its history and its many medicinal uses, it is not surprising to find that the eucalyptus flower and tree are symbols of both protection and healing.

As a gift, these flowers are frequently given as>>> get well gifts, <<<or to show the giver’s desire to shield the recipient from harm.
These blossoms make a great caring and concerning statement.

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More Eucalyptus Wreaths
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Eucalyptus Wreaths are a very popular interior decorating piece,
not only are they a natural product in form and texture,
but the distinctive aroma of Eucalyptus will brighten up any room.
Eucalyptus wreaths are used by many real-estate professionals for Open Houses and Home Tours. Realtors report that a EucalyptusWreath makes home feel more comfortable inviting.

Eucalyptus Wreaths are great for indoor use and they smell wonderful, but are not recommended for outdoor use as they can stain surfaces if exposed to High Humidity or Hot climates. Eucalyptus Wreaths may bleed colors on to walls and doors under these conditions.