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Spring to Fall
Lavenders have it all...

Picture of Lavender

From left to right:
Grappenhall, Provence, Grosso,
Dutch Mill, Abrialii and Seal

  • The English Lavender Hybrids,
    sometimes referred to as Lavandins; come in third in the bloom cycle, starting just as the the English
    Lavenders are finishing, and  continuing to mid summer. 

These are the workhorses of Lavender. They do it all: bloom lots, grow just the right size, and smell like a million bucks. Provence and Grosso are the best known of these, but there are many others, including Abriali, Fred Boutin, Dutch Mill, Grappenhall, Seal, Hidcote Giant and White Grosso. These are the ones to line the drive or border the garden with.  

The botanical name for the Lavandins is Lavandula x intermedia. The x means it is a cross with two plants and we know which two. In this case, it is L. angustifolia and L. latifolia. The intermedia means that these crossed plants have qualities of both parents, or it is intermediate between them.

Lavandins have long gray leaves, twice or more the size of L. angustifolias. They also grow much larger and faster. 

  • Grasso Lavender is cultivated for oil used mainly in the cosmetic industry. It makes great Lavender bouquets and wands. Grosso Lavender has beautiful purple calyxes instead of the normal green calyx of most lavenders.
  • White Grosso Lavender is a must have for the garden and for the vase. Its swan white blooms complement the purples of other lavenders and they stay white when dried. 

So there we go a little information on lavender and it's uses.

I get so many requests for Lavender bundles and Lavender bags,
not to mention the Lavender Wreath.
Here is a small offering of
>>> Lavender items  <<<
that will brighten your Home or Office with the subtle color and fragrance of Lavender.


Fragrance Plus Wreath 18"

42177 - Fragrance Plus Wreath 18

Retail Price: $69.50
Your price: $61.75

English Lavender and Violet Larkspur Wreath 18 inch

91853 - English Lavender and Violet Larkspur Wreath 18 inch

Retail Price: $77.95
Your price: $70.15

Wild Sweetness Swag 24"

42301 - Wild Sweetness Swag 24

Retail Price: $65.99
Your price: $52.75

Dried Lavender Wreath 16 inch

42330 - Dried Lavender Wreath 16 inch

Retail Price: $55.55
Your price: $42.55

Lavender and Larkspur on a Twig Base 22 inches

23865 - Lavender and Larkspur on a Twig Base 22 inches

Retail Price: $79.95
Your price: $70.00

Herb Bundle 24"

42222 - Herb Bundle 24

Retail Price: $52.99
Your price: $44.75

Winterbud and Preserved Lavender Wreath 18"

42283 - Winterbud and Preserved Lavender Wreath 18

Retail Price: $49.55
Your price: $45.50

Herb Swag Vertical

42065 - Herb Swag Vertical

Retail Price: $54.95
Your price: $48.75

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